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6 Ideas For Giving Your Printable Wedding Invitations A Unique Look

With so many great looking invitation choices, how do you make yours a standout? Below are a few ideas.

1. Wordle

For a very different look, use Wordle to turn your invitation into a “word cloud”. Just type in your text and watch the magic happen. To make the cloud to the right, I typed in some classic wedding invite lingo, hit go, and voila! Once your text appears as a cloud, you can play around with colors, fonts and layout. For some of the words to appear in larger font, type them in several times (I typed wedding, Justin and Susan four times each, and June and 14 three times). Once I was happy with the cloud, I did a “print screen” (Ctrl+Print Screen on a PC; Apple+Shift+4 on a Mac) and saved it as a jpg. Personally, I would probably use this only as a fun design element, and have the text in an easier-to-understand format somewhere else on the invitation as well. While your 15-year old nephew will most certainly get the message from the cloud, your great aunt may not.

2. Silhouettes

Before the invention of cameras, silhouettes were extremely popular, both in the US and Europe, and talented silhouette artists created portraits of their customers by cutting their profile out of paper with scissors. Once cameras appeared, silhouettes sadly went out of fashion. But they are regaining their popularity and luckily, there are still a few silhouette artists out there who can create custom silhouettes of you, your pets and anything else you’d want. How about wedding invitations with the silhouettes of the two of you? Super cute! Some artists also offer to come to your wedding (or other event) and cut silhouettes of your family and guests.

3. Print your invitation on something other than paper. Printable wedding invitations could be anything, not just the standard old paper variety. How about sending out custom printed T-shirts, Frisbees, post-it notes or baseball caps? They can be very affordable, and people are sure to remember them.

4. For very informal invites, take a bunch of Polaroid photos (of the two of you, the location of the wedding, or anything you want) and write the details (by hand) on the white bar on the bottom.

5. Send out bags of printable M&Ms with your names and wedding date printed on them. This works best as a Save-the-Date, since you can’t fit the entire invitation on the tiny candies.

6. DVD Invitations. Sending out your invitations as mini-movies on DVDs allows you to get really creative – acting, singing, or if the thought of that makes you cringe, maybe just the two of you telling your guests about how you met, and/or about the wedding. Include footage of the church, reception hall, and perhaps recommended hotels, etc.

This is just a short list to get your imagination going – there are so many fun possibilities when it comes to making your invitation something very unique, one that people will remember and talk about for years to come. Don’t limit yourself by going with the traditional kind: have fun exploring the alternatives!

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