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How To Add Fonts To Your Computer

There is no need to limit your designs by using only the fonts that came with your computer. Do a quick search online for free fonts, and you will find lots of them. And many sites have a little window where you can type in your text (the bride’s name for example) and it will show you the name in all the different fonts. Fabulous!

For font inspiration, check out my “More Font Ideas For Your Wedding Stationery” post.

Also, fonts are not always just letters – you can find font sets that are great illustrations, decorative borders, and all kinds of stuff which can be very useful if you are creating invitations around specific wedding themes. Give it a try – do a search for “Music Fonts’ or “Tattoo fonts” or “fonts for beach weddings“, etc. and you’ll find lots of great designs.

To add the fonts to your computer:

  • download the font you want (make sure you choose the appropriate format, Mac or Windows) and unzip it (they’re usually zipped)
  • Add Fonts - Macif you’re working on a Mac, find your Font Book (usually in your Applications folder), open it (by double clicking on it), click on the cogwheel in the upper left hand corner and select “Add Fonts”. A new window pops up, find your new font, click Open and it’s added. You’ll have to close out and reopen the programs you’re in to see the font in the list.
  • If you’re on a PC using Windows Vista, once you’ve unzipped your font, move it to a folder on your C-drive (I created one called New Fonts where I put all my downloaded, unzipped fonts so that I easily can find them)addfonts1vista
  • Now, go to Control Panel, switch to classic view (if you’re not already in that), double click on “Fonts”, wait a little bit until all fonts are displayed, then right click on the Fonts folder on the left hand side of your screen and select Install New Font. A new window pops up. Make sure “Copy Fonts to Fonts Folder” is checked.
  • Find your unzipped font in the windows on the lower halfinstallfontswindow-vista of the screen (once you click on your New Fonts folder, the fonts in that folder will appear in the window up top). Select the ones you want to add (by clicking on them) and click Install, and when they’re done, click Close. Click on another folder on your computer and then back on the Fonts folder – you’re new fonts should show up in the list. You will have to close out of and re-open any open programs for the fonts to show up in your font lists.
  • If you’re on a PC using Windows XP, the procedure is pretty much the same as in Vista. The only difference is that once you’re in your Fonts folder, instead of right clicking on the Fonts folder, you need to go to File – Install New Font. Then proceed as you would in Vista.
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