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Make Your Own Engagement Announcements using Windows Vista

This starts a series of tutorials for those of you who recently got engaged (Congratulations!). Now you have to let the world know your big news! First out is a step by step instruction to making your own engagement announcements using Microsoft Word (Windows Vista).


These instructions are to make a card that looks just like mine. If you want it to be a different size and color, just play with it until you like it.

1. Open a new document (letter size) and save it as a Word Document (important: don’t save it as an earlier or different version of word – some of the tricks we are going to use are only available in the Vista version).

2. Go to Insert – clip art. In the search window, type hearts and click on go. You will see a bunch of images with hearts, and this particular one is the 9th one down on the right (on my computer). If you don’t see it, you can download it at Microsoft Office’s clipart site. The name of the image is j0440320.jpg.


3. The first thing you want to do when you have the picture in your document, is to right click on it, go to Text Wrapping and select “Behind text”.

4. Now, click on the picture again, and go to Picture Tools – Format (In your menu on the top of the page) and select crop. The picture handles will change to thick lines. Grab the bottom one and crop it until you like the way it looks. Then click outside of the picture to de-select the cropping tool.


5. To change the size, right click on the picture and go to Size. Enter the size you want. It will stay relative, and what I did was put in 5.88 in the height and clicked ok. I then clicked on the picture again and pulled the right hand side in until it was 3.99″ across.

6. The picture is a tad bright, so the next thing is to right click again and go to Format Picture. You’ll see a list of options on the left hand side and you want to click on Picture. You’ll see a drop down menu up top called Recolor. Click on the arrow and select the color you want (I used the pink option under Light Variations). I also upped the brightness 6%.

Recolor picture

7. Now we’re ready to add text and the photo. Go to Insert (in the menu up top on your screen) and select Text Box. A menu of options will drop down, select Draw text box at the bottom of it. This will give you a crossbar tool, and you will draw your text box over the background picture by holding down the left mouse key and dragging. It defaults to whatever settings you used last, but don’t worry if it looks bad or is in the wrong spot – we’ll fix that soon. Right click on it, go to Format Text Box and under Layout select “In front of text”.

Type in your text (I wrote We’re Engaged using LT Oksana, 24pt, bold). Click outside the textbox and go back to Insert and draw another text box. In this one, you will put the other text (in my case, the names and date, again using LT Oksana, 12pts, bold). Click outside the box. (If you want to use LT Oksana but don’t have it on your computer, check out my earlier post about adding fonts.) If you want a different font alltogether, see my “More Font Ideas For Your Wedding Stationery” post.

9. We need to format the text boxes. Right click on one of them, and go to Format Text Box. Under Colors and Lines, you want to make sure to select No Color and No Line.


10. Now the photo! Go to Insert, Picture and select the photo you want to add. Right click on it, go to Text Wrapping, and select “In front of text”. Then, click on it again and by dragging one of the handles, reduce it to the size you want. (tip: to keep it proportionate, hold down the shift key while dragging). Time to have some fun with the photo. There are so many options for pictures in Vista and you can get some very creative results by playing around a bit. I wanted my photo to be black and white, so I right clicked on it, went to Format Picture, Recolor and clicked on the grayscale option under Color Modes. It can sometimes make the photo a bit washed out, so play with the brightness and contrast until you like what you see.

11. Next, I wanted rounded corners and a frame, so IPhotoWithFrame clicked on it again and went to Picture Tools – Format (up top in your word menu). Under Picture Styles, I selected an option I liked, and that was it. So once you’re happy with the picture, it’s time to line everything up. Click on the background, and while holding the shift key down, click on the photo. This should select both of them, and now you want to go to Picture Tools – Format – Align and select Align Center. Then click on the text boxes and do the same. With the text boxes still selected, press the arrow keys until they’re centered above and below the photo.


That’s it! I put two of them together on one sheet, but if you want to make them smaller, you could get 4 of them on one sheet and save some paper. Once they’re printed, you just need to cut them to size using a paper trimmer. I think rounded corners look nice too, and you can easily add that by using a corner rounding tool (available at any craft or office store).

My next post will be another Microsoft word tutorial. We’ll make another engagement announcement with a different look using other tools and presets.

Also, check out my word tutorials on Save the Date cards and Wedding Invitations.

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