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Printable Wedding Invitations Adds Style To Your Wedding

Printing your own wedding invitations is a great, fun, way to add personality to your invites AND save money (and who doesn’t need that with all the other expenses of a wedding). There are so many options available, and all you need is a computer with a program like word or Illustrator and a printer.

If you decide to print your own invites, it’s a good idea to start way ahead of time (like the week after you set a date) since these sort of things always end up taking longer than one thinks, and invitations should go out six to eight weeks before the wedding, maybe even earlier if your guests will have to travel far.

I think Save-the-date cards are a fabulous idea too, people get so booked up and this way they can block off your wedding in their calendar before anything else shows up (especially important if you are planning a destination wedding or are getting married during the summer). Save-the-date cards should go out about six months before the wedding, and I love the ones that come with a detachable sticker so that people can put it in their calendar. Another fun option is to print them on magnetic paper (available at Paper Source) and cut it into smaller shapes, allowing your guests to just stick them on the refrigerator.

Once you’ve settled on the look and paper you want, go ahead and order it and quite a few extras. There will always be mishaps (paper gets stuck, ink smears, ink runs out and prints come out faded), and you don’t want to run out of supplies in the middle of everything. Also make sure to order extra ink for your printer. AND keep a close eye on it once you start printing all your invitations. It’s so easy to start a print job of 100 invites, then get distracted by something else and not check them until they’re done, only to find that half of them are printed crooked because the paper wasn’t pulled into the printer straight. What a nightmare. So stay close to the printer, and try printing in smaller batches, 10-15 at a time, that way you can stop it before it turns into a huge disaster.

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