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Text Layout Ideas For Your Printable Wedding Invitations

If you decide to go with homemade save the date cards, engagement party invitations and/or printable wedding invitations, layout is going to be a task worth spending some time on. Whether you decide to go the traditional route (script font, centered on the card) or try something a bit different, you can expect to spend a good amount on time at your computer. Microsoft Word works for a lot of different layouts, but if you’re up for learning a new program, I highly recommend Adobe Illustrator. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, there are no limits to what you can make. You’ll easily be able to recreate any design you see online, as well as invent new ones yourself. The layouts below were all made in Illustrator and saved as jpgs, but the text portion can easily be created in Word as well (and printed on a card which already has a design on it)

1. For a square card, a cute, contemporary idea is to make the text aligned in a square in the middle. Type your names and the word “Wedding” (or anything else you want to highlight) in larger letters, and maybe with a different color (your theme color for the wedding?). I like using all caps for this layout and here, I used Times at 12 and 18 pts.

2. Another option that works nicely on “regular” 5×7 cards is to type your names in a script font, larger (and perhaps in a different color, matching the design on the card) and the rest of the text in small caps. For this card, I used Zapfino at 13pts for the names, and Myriad Pro at 12pts for the text.

3. For something very informal, like beach weddings, use a whimsical font (I used Papyrus at 12 and 20 pts for the invitation below). You can of course vary the font for the names, pick a different layout, anything you want. Just have fun with it, and let your invitation set the tone for the whole event.

For more info, check out my posts “Which Font Should You use For Your Printable Wedding Invitations“, “More Font Ideas For Your Wedding Stationery” and “How To Add Fonts To Your Computer“.

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