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The Illustrator Toolbar

Getting used to the toolbar isn’t all that difficult, but if you’ve mostly worked in the Microsoft Office programs, it takes a little bit getting used to.

The important thing to remember is to switch tools when you go from one task to the next (and deselect what you just worked on before doing so). When I started using Illustrator, there were many times when I thought I was going to do something and something entirely different happened on the screen – all because I was using the wrong tool. Check out my “Illustrator Notes & Problem Solvers” post for more info and tips.

You will also find more thorough descriptions of how and when to use these tools in my step-by-step Illustrator tutorials(“Elegant Pink Save the date“, “Hummingbird Save the date cards“, “Funky Chic save the date“, engagement announcements, engagement party invitations, beach wedding invitations). This is just a quick overview so you can get a visual of the different tools I’m talking about. The letter in parentheses after each tool name is the keyboard shortcut key for that particular tool.


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