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Wedding Bands Invitation

Today’s printable wedding invitations tutorial is a classic and super simple Illustrator invitation featuring a pair of gold wedding bands.

As always, if you need help with Illustrator, take a look at “Illustrator Notes & Problem Solvers“, “The Illustrator Toolbar” and some of the previous tutorials (there are different techniques in each one). For those who are brand new to Illustrator, a good one to start with is the pink photo Save the date cards.

The invite we are making today looks like this:

To get it to look exactly like this, you will also need a corner rounder cutting tool (there are lots of different kinds, this is the one I use, I love it) and a gold leaf pen.

1. Download the wedding bands vector here. It comes with five different ring designs, so if you prefer a different look for the rings, you might find another one that you like in the set. Unzip the file and open the ring eps file you want to use (I’m using #3).

2. Select all (either with a keyboard shortcut or drag around the entire illustration with the black arrow tool) and copy.

3. Create a new document (file – new) and make it the size you want it to be. I made mine 5×7. Once you’re in your new document, paste the vector. While everything is still selected, group it (Object – Group). As you can see, the illustration is huge, larger than the invitation, so in the Transform palette, type in the size you want (make sure the “Constrain With and Height Proportions” is on). I made mine 1.75″ wide and let the height be whatever it needs to be to keep it proportionate. Drag it down to the lower right hand corner (or wherever you want it to be).

4. Create a new layer and add your text. I used Myriad Pro, 12pt, regular, black, for the text part, and Coronet Italic, 30pt, colored in Pantone 8006 C (metallic) for the bride and groom. Space the text out as you want it, and drag the whole text block to where you want it to be.

5. Print on card stock, cut the corners and run the gold leaf pen all around the edges. Done!

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