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Which Font Should You Use For Your Printable Wedding Invitations?

Well, that depends on what sort of feel you want your printable wedding invitations to have. Microsoft Word comes with an abundance of fonts, but there are many more cool fonts readily available for dowload (some for free) on the Internet.

Most fonts can be classified as either serif or sans serif. Serif fonts have those extra little strokes at the bottom and top of the letters (Times New Roman, Garamond and Century Schoolbook are good examples). Sans serif fonts do not have those strokes, and look more soft and rounded. Examples of sans serif fonts are Arial, Century Gothic and Tahoma.

For a traditional look, use serif, script or calligraphy fonts. Some of my favorite serif fonts are Bookman Old Style, Garamond and Goudy Old Style.

Script fonts, which emulate handwriting, can look really nice on invitations. With the exception of Linotype Zapfino, I’m not crazy about the ones that come with Word, but some other good choices (available online) are Aquiline, English, Hamada and Windsong.

Calligraphy fonts are also very pretty. Some of my favorites are Jellyka BeesAntique Handwriting, Scriptina, Jane Austen and Aquiline.

Some contemporary fonts I like are Papyrus, Scriptina, Jano, Linotype Belle, and ITC Vino Bianco.

For all caps fonts, my favorites are Copperplate Gothic Light, Trajan Pro, Felix Titling, and Enviro.

Or choose your font to match different wedding themes. For a 1920s style wedding, use Nite Club, Upper East Side or Parisian; for a 50s feel,, Loungy or Rocket Script; Keep on Truckin or Brandy for a groovy 1970s wedding; for beach weddings, use a casual font, or if you want something very non-traditional, try something fun like KR California Sun or Jenna’s Shells. And should you happen to have a Disney-inspired event, Waltograph is the font for you.

A nice idea is to use a different font, case, size or even color for your names (i.e. the bride and groom). An example would be to type your names in all caps and the rest in sentence case, or your names in italics (larger type) and the text in smaller all caps. Play around with it until you find a layout you like, there are no set rules and the most important thing is that you like it.

You can also use fonts to add designs. KR Cuori Divertenti comes in several editions and consists of really cute illustrations depicting champagne glasses, toasting, hearts, rings, roses etc.

Many couples choose to go the traditional route when it comes to fonts, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it and use a font that reflects your personality. I think a fun, non-traditional invitation beats the traditional layout every time.

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